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“You have put together an incredibly useful, informative, elegant, and comprehensive system for the key elements involved in managing and marketing a healthcare practice. You make it easy for physicians and other clinicians to understand marketing and sound business practices for a profitable practice - and put those practices into place quickly and effectively.”
- Harvey N., MD, Oncologist
Most Healthcare Practices Have the Opportunity to Broaden Their Patient Base to Increase Revenue and Profits.  
Private Practice Management
Introducing our acclaimed Healthcare Practice Marketing System...
We can show you how to broaden your patient base and profitably increase revenues -- in as little as two weeks.
The Healthcare Practice Marketing System is a convenient yet comprehensive program for you to broaden your patient and referral base, more effectively market your practice, and optimize your payer and patient mix. If you order this system and put its strategies into place, we guarantee that you will see results in a little as two weeks or you are entitled to a full refund of your purchase price.  
Click on these links to learn more, or scroll down the page. Or, to speak to one of the authors directly and ask any questions you might have, call 941-539-9623 (between 8 am and 7 pm EST).  
The Problems This System Solves
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More About the Content Included in This Program
  "I can attribute a $67,000 increase in income this year directly to your materials and one-on-one support. Thank you..."

-- Barry C., MD, Sports Medicine
The Problems The Healthcare Practice Marketing System Solves:  
Clinicians face more administrative work and hassles to earn the same income. A recent study revealed that most clinicians have not seen an increase in pay in over five years.  
Most clinicians have the opportunity to broaden their patient and referral base and increase profitability in their practice -- if they implement best practice marketing tactics.  
To compete effectively today, healthcare practices must implement savvy marketing strategies. Yet few clinicians and office managers have the required training or knowledge.  
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Benefits The Healthcare Practice Marketing System Offers:

Generate more revenues and profits in your practice.  
Broaden your patient and referral base.  
Become the "go-to" clinician in your community for your particular specialty.  
Enjoy the convenient format with ongoing, personalized support from leading, seasoned healthcare practice marketing experts.  
The price is very affordable.  
  "Well, I thought I knew it all when it comes to growing revenues and income, and you showed me I don't. Your system is simple and easy to learn, and I really appreciate the time you took to go through our business plan with us. While it is hard to say exactly how much you helped our practice in dollar terms, this year our overall Practice revenues have risen by at least 18% compared to last year, and we owe a lot of that success to your program."

-- Marylin J., MD, Family Practice (4 physicians)
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The Healthcare Practice Marketing System includes the following materials, delivered to you in a sturdy binder:  
Private Practice Management The Healthcare Professional's Marketing Manual. This 178-page guide lays out the step-by-step methods crucial to growing your patient and referral base. Includes professionally produced marketing materials, your quick and easy action plan and proven marketing strategies to grow your practice and increase profits. Even if you don't think you need to market your services, you will find wonderful ideas in this guide to maximize your practice's profitability. Read below to get more details about the contents of this book.
Healthcare Marketing Six Audio CDs. Your CD package contains over three hours of content across 41 audio tracks. Now, at your own leisure, you can listen to healthcare experts Andrew Neitlich and Joseph Grano deliver the content of this comprehensive program using your home computer, stereo system, or even in your car on your drive into the office.

One-on-One, Personalized Consulting. With your investment in the Healthcare PracticeMarketing System, you'll receive exclusive, personal access to Joseph Grano's and Andrew Neitlich's insights and advice for three full months, absolutely free. You can pose any questions you have about the business and marketing of your practice 24/7. Whenever you have a question, you'll get a fast and friendly, personal response from one of the program's creators, normally within one business day. As an added bonus, we will even provide a confidential review of your marketing or business plan, absolutely free.

In fact, as soon as you sign up, if you like, we will conduct a complete marketing and practice management assessment of your practice by telephone - and then point you towards immediate opportunities. We will also address any immediate challenges you face. This service is included in your price.

Additional Materials: You also receive two additional resources:  
Healthcare Marketing Resource #1: Four Sample Referral Letters. You will receive templates of four referral letters specifically targeted to influence physicians to refer patients to your Practice. This bonus -- along with your marketing manual -- also includes step-by-step instructions for communicating and negotiating with physician colleagues and Practice managers, so that you will be nimble in pursuing referral business. And, if you want us to craft a customized referral letter for your practice, we are delighted to help, at no additional cost to you.
Healthcare Marketing Resource #2: The Report: "How to Kick Start Your Practice." Every healthcare professional hits a business rut once in a while. And professionals new to the field need to know how to get their Practices going fast. This special report tells you exactly what you have to do -- at little or no cost -- so that your Practice quickly becomes a magnet for new patients and referring physicians. Learn how to "fast track" your business.
  Questions about what you receive? Call immediately to speak to one of the authors: 941-539-9623. Or, email us at info@healthcaremarketinginstitute.com.  
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About the Authors:
This program was created by Joseph Grano, Jr. and Andrew Neitlich. Mr. Grano and Mr. Neitlich began their collaboration when it became clear to them that many healthcare professionals in today's complex and competitive healthcare arena lack essential practice management, marketing, and business skills.

Private Practice Management Joseph Grano, Jr. has over 15 years of comprehensive marketing and public relations in healthcare, holding key executive management positions. He served as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Erie County Medical Center and Healthcare Network, a $240 million University-affiliated system. He also was the Director of Marketing and Public Relations, reporting to the CEO, of Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System, a $400 million+ healthcare system.

In these roles, Mr. Grano worked closely with physicians, clinicians, and healthcare executives to increase sales, improve visibility, and formulate strategic marketing and public relations plans. For instance, he branded a 45-member primary care physician practice, including print, radio, and billboard advertising. He also developed a successful cardiac services branding program.

Mr. Grano has also held leadership roles as the Vice President of Marketing with medical technology and pharmaceutical firms, in one case leading marketing efforts that grew a medical technology company from $40 million to $120 million in revenues.
For over a decade, Mr. Grano has also served as an educator, trainer and speaker and has taught graduate and undergraduate level courses as an adjunct professor of business.
Mr. Grano earned his MBA from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College, Babson Park, Mass. and received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the State University of New York at Buffalo, NYY.
Private Practice Management Andrew Neitlich has almost two decades of experience as a healthcare management consultant. He has worked with physicians, clinicians, and executives at Partners Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Scripps Health Care System, Catholic Healthcare West, Fresenius (Dialysis Centers), and Tidewater Healthcare. Andrew has specialized in strategic and operational improvement, and has helped physicians and health care organizations bring millions of dollars to their bottom line while maintaining or improving quality of care.

Mr. Neitlich received his MBA from Harvard Business School. He is a frequent speaker to healthcare professionals on a variety of subjects, including negotiation skills, operational improvement, marketing, and strategic thinking. He is the author of three books on marketing leadership.

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Who Should Order:

This system is appropriate for professionals managing and marketing a clinical practice, physicians who lead a private medical practice, medical practice managers, clinicians (such as physical and rehabilitation therapists and psychologists), entrepreneurs running healthcare enterprises (such as home healthcare services), and alternative healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals from a wide range of disciplines and medical specialties have benefited from this system.

If you see opportunities to grow your practice, want to broaden your patient base, and wonder how to improve your referral base, then this system can help you improve business results.


The price for this system is $297 , which includes one-on-one support for a full three months to help you manage your practice more effectively. NOTE: If any content is not covered to your satisfaction, contact us directly and we will research your issue for you.
  "You showed me what our practice needs to do to remain competitive in our increasingly crowded and complex marketplace. Since we put your system in place, we have increased our referral base by around 25%."

-- Adam S., Administrator, 6-Physician Cardiology Practice
  "Your program takes the complex world of healthcare marketing and practice management and distills the essential elements into a simple, easy to learn system. Great work!"

-- Marlene S., Administrator, Dermatology Practice


To Order:

Click here to order online now. Questions? Speak directly to one of the authors by calling 941-539-9623. Call this same number if you wish to order by telephone.

  “A consultant would have cost us over $15,000 for everything that your program offers -- yet your program costs a fraction of that!"

-- Paul A, MD (Internal Medicine)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We know that it is difficult to establish trust via a website, and so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you are not totally convinced that the Healthcare Practice Marketing System can help you broaden your patient and referral base and increase profits, simply return the materials within 30-days and we will happily give you a prompt no-questions-asked refund.

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More Details About the Content In This Program:
Here's a small sampling of the many ways your practice will benefit from our exclusive Healthcare Practice Marketing System:

Overcome the biggest challenges that other healthcare providers face in profitably marketing and providing their services.
Learn how to set your Practice apart as unique, special, and leading-edge -- so people think of you first when they have a need for your services.
Get an easy-to-use checklist to ensure that you implementing best practices in healthcare practice marketing.
Discover the fastest and most effective ways to build a loyal referral network. Most clinicians don't come close to taking full advantage of the referral opportunities available to them.
Provide the right service mix to maximize profits and patient satisfaction.
Use your quality standards as a powerful marketing tool, in an appropriate and tasteful way. We will show how to measure quality and how to professionally and emphatically communicate it to your marketplace.
Benefit from in-depth case studies of successful healthcare practices and learn their secrets to success. Based on our years of experience, we will show you what the most successful Practices have done to achieve their results. Why reinvent the wheel?
Discover the customer service standards that you MUST meet to get positive word of mouth from patients and exactly how to implement those standards quickly and easily for maximum effectiveness.
Discover 20 simple ways to become recognized in your own community as the leading healthcare practitioner in your field. See how using just a handful of these strategies will make you the "go-to" healthcare resource in your area in a matter of weeks. No other program offers such a comprehensive, step-by-step system for you to succeed -- along with step-by-step action plans and marketing materials that'll get you results quickly and easily.
Get proven, professional-quality templates of marketing materials that you can put into action immediately.
Learn exactly how to work with vendors who can help you with your marketing and show you how to increase business.
Remember – your program comes with one-on-one support for a full three months, and we will review your practice’s marketing plan at no additional cost to you.
PLUS: Contact the authors directly at any time for personalized, one-on-one advice. No other program offers this level of support.
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Private Practice Management
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